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Pacific Guardian Life invests a substantial portion of its assets in commercial mortgage loans. Unlike many traditional life companies, you may call Pacific Guardian Life directly and negotiate loan terms. A typical Pacific Guardian Life loan is secured by an apartment, retail, industrial or office building located in Hawaii or Guam. We have a reputation for quick professional decisions, quality service, and competitive rates. We are looking for real estate investors with solid credit and financials who are interested in purchasing new property or refinancing existing loans. Please call or email us today if we can be of service to you. Below are some frequently asked questions about our lending program.

What types of loans does Pacific Guardian Life offer?

Pacific Guardian Life offers commercial first mortgages in the $250,000 to $5 million range with variable interest rates, or 10 to 15 year fixed rates, and amortization period of up to 30 years. 

How are Pacific Guardian Life’s mortgage rates structured? 

Our rates are based on corresponding U.S. Treasury Note rates, plus 225 to 300 basis points. The pricing varies, based on the specific deal and the prevailing market. Interest rates are locked at commitment, and a loan fee is required. 

What are some of the minimum qualifications for a Pacific Guardian Life commercial mortgage loan? 

Qualifying loans are a maximum 75% loan to appraised value, based on an appraisal by an MAI designated appraiser, with a minimum debt service coverage ratio of at least 1.15 : 1. Mortgage loans are also subject to the completion of an environmental questionnaire, possibly a Phase I assessment, and personal guarantees are required. 

Does Pacific Guardian Life require prepayment penalties on its mortgage loans?

Yes. We require a 2% prepayment penalty on the amount prepaid or a yield maintenance formula, whichever is higher; however, we are flexible and will negotiate.

Does Pacific Guardian Life do business with brokers and other lenders?

Yes. We do seek opportunities to work with brokers, both locally and on the mainland. We also do work with other lenders and investors through the purchase of existing loans as well as participations. 

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