Long Term Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance provides active employees with an income stream if they should become disabled and unable to work for extended periods of time due to an accident or illness. Typically, LTD is meant to begin when short-term disability or temporary disability payments stop. This benefit can be offered on a non-contributory employer paid basis or an employee cost shared basis.

Why LTD?


Advantages to Employers

  • Used as a recruiting tool to appeal to new hires and retain valued employees.
  • Increases employee morale.
  • Versatility of plan designs.
  • Provides early intervention, rehabilitation, social security filing assistance, and return to work incentives.

Advantages to Employees

  • Provides a source of income without depleting savings.
  • Gives the employee the ability to return to work on a part-time basis.
  • Rehabilitation to overcome the disability with job training, physical therapy, and adaptive aids.
  • 24 hours basis and provides benefits for occupational and non-occupational disabilities.
  • Managed disability with the use of doctors, consultants, and insurance disability specialists.
  • Economical option compared to the cost of an individual disability policy.

Long Term Disability Insurance Brochure

Managing Employee Disability with LTD


Managed Disability -Managed Disability is an approach to integrating programs and services to help control employers' disability costs.  Once a claim occurs, early intervention, rehabilitation, and constant follow through are essential in helping an employee return to work.

Our programs will offer you options to design a plan that best fits the needs of your company. Once you select the elimination period, income replacement level and monthly benefit maximum, we will provide a cost effective program to integrate with your benefits package.

Contact your Insurance Broker or Benefits Consultant for more information or an application.

Pacific Guardian Life plans comply with applicable state laws. In some cases, state laws require amendments to the benefits described above. This is an outline and summary of standard plan provisions, but does not reflect all state variations. The employer will be given certificates for distribution to each insured employee which describes their plan in detail. This is not the summary plan description required of certain employers by ERISA.