Group Term Life Insurance

Group Term Life Insurance is the most popular employee benefit offered and is an affordable way of providing a valuable benefit in the workplace.

Advantages to Employers

  • Used as a recruiting tool to appeal to new hires and retain valued employees.
  • Increases employee morale.
  • Versatility of plan design.

Advantages to Employees

  • Provides piece of mind for loved ones in the event of premature death.
  • Benefit usually paid by employer.
  • Available without medical examinations or information.
  • Conveniently offered at the workplace.

Group Term Life Insurance Brochure

The Following Are Included In Group Term Policies:


Accelerated Death Benefit:  If an employee is diagnosed with a terminal illness of limited life expectancy up to 12 months or less, a percentage of the death benefit amount may be available immediately upon approval.

Death Benefit Continued During Total Disability:  Upon approval, no premiums will be required for an employee to continue coverage who is deemed totally disabled and is under the age of 60.

Conversion Privilege:  If an employee loses coverage due to termination or loss of eligibility, they may convert their group coverage to an individual policy at their own expense.

Riders to Group Term Life Plans


Supplemental Term Life Insurance: Supplemental term life insurance gives eligible employees the option to add additional amounts of insurance through payroll deduction.

Dependent Life Insurance: Dependent life insurance gives employees the option to add spouse and/or dependent coverage at group rates.

24 Hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment Coverage: This insurance coverage typically matches the amount of basic group term coverage for accidental death and a proportionate amount for accidental dismemberment.  Included benefits are the seat belt provision and special education provision which can provide additional benefits to the employee's family or designated beneficiary in time of need.

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Pacific Guardian Life plans comply with applicable state laws. In some cases, state laws require amendments to the benefits described above. This is an outline and summary of standard plan provisions, but does not reflect all state variations. The employer will be given certificates for distribution to each insured employee which describes their plan in detail. This is not the summary plan description required of certain employers by ERISA.